Sara Massanas
December 8, 2017 Comments Off on Sara Massanas admin

I’m from a town near Barcelona (Spain) and I needed to improve my English quickly last summer because of my job. Rani Innes was the best trainer I could have chosen. She taught me what I needed to improve, what was most suitable for my individual needs. She is an excellent teacher and she interacted easily, so apart from studying hard I enjoyed every single minute in her classes. I learnt a lot about how to improve my writing, my speaking and how to avoid mistakes… But the best thing I learnt was the power of her smile. She taught me that if you smile all the time things can be better. It doesn’t matter if you live tough moments or things are difficult, you have only to work hard but always with a big smile. Then you’ll realise that everything is possible! Thanks Rani for being as you are!

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