Naina Krishnamurthy, Managing Partner, KLaw
December 8, 2017 Comments Off on Naina Krishnamurthy, Managing Partner, KLaw admin

“To say Rani Rao Innes is just a trainer or teacher, though she is that, would be a disservice to her. Rani is so much more. She is your best friend, your mentor, your ray of hope for a better you, your soul sister and the grace that you need to guide you through challenging times. I have not seen one person come away from a session with her who hasn’t felt better or determined to do better.

To me, she epitomizes what a teacher should be. She holds your hand firmly but with kindness and with no judgment, guides you over the bridge to the self that you strive to be. In that journey, she brings only love, passion and a complete faith in her students.

I am grateful to have had a teacher like her in my life and I am better person for it.

Thank you Rani, for your absolute commitment, your conviction and your belief in what you do, which hasn’t wavered once over the years.”

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