Miriam O’Gara-Kilmurry MA (Engl). Small Biz Entrepreneur.
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Rani Innes joined Stafford House College in Canterbury as the Head of the English Department and became our Vice Principal the following year. She absolutely embodied the meaning of something I value, being a ‘vocational teacher.’ She worked holistically with our young 15 to 24 year-olds, who often arrived with preconceived ideas about life in the UK. Her students benefited from wisdom and a diverse skill set built up over years working and living in countries such as Japan, England, as well as India. Rani is not a person to simply go in and just teach. She actually cares, and it is this pastoral, yet highly professional approach, that instills immediate confidence in her younger students. One of her gifts with professional clients is to enable them to use more effectively the knowledge and language they already have, particularly in English, and then quickly build on this for success.

Over 6 years, I watched Rani set examples for us, her fellow teachers and trainers, by consistently working to improve her programmes and engaging in personal growth. Today, Rani is an accomplished corporate trainer. So, whether you are a young graduate or mature executive professional, rest assured, Rani Rao Innes will work her magic and catapult you from ‘good to great’. Following her role as Vice Principal of Stafford House College, Rani formed the highly successful International communications company, Link Communicate. It gives me immense pleasure to endorse this company and my good friend, as trainers of long standing international experience totally committed to finding solutions for your company.

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