Anita Manoj, Head Mistress, Vidya Niketan School 
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As the Headmistress of the high school section of Vidyaniketan School, I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Rani Rao over a period of six years in helping co – ordinate the various training/ workshops that Ms.Rao has conducted in our school.

Ms. Rao’s commitment to education, teachers and students shines through in all her work and that makes her a great trainer. It is her dedication and deep commitment to education that makes her a highly sought after trainer among the schools in Bangalore.

Her professionalism, intelligence and a complete awareness of the teaching – learning process and more importantly her  deep  understanding of human nature, makes her training programs high on impact and I have witnessed the remarkable changes the sessions have brought about in the teachers and students.

The teachers of our school across levels have had the privilege of attending several training programs conducted by Ms.Rao on a spectrum of issues, ranging from- a session on NLP, making the transition from a Good to a Great teacher, the 21C learner and a training session for the teachers from the English department on the nuances of teaching English language.

The students across age groups have attended sessions on leadership, mentoring, personality development, time management, life skills, facing an interview and writing a statement of purpose. Ms. Rao has connected with the students on a wide variety of issues that impacts their lives and the students have often said that attending sessions conducted by Ms.Rao leaves them feeling empowered.

Ms.Rao has also worked with the parents, giving them new insights and equipping them with skills to help become a more positive presence in the lives of their children. Drawing always from her own personal and professional experiences, have ensured that Ms.Rao was able to forge a bond with the parents.

A brilliant orator with tremendous mastery over English, Ms.Rao’s greatest strength is her ability to make an intellectual and an emotional connect with the audience, both children and adults with complete ease. While she celebrates her Indian roots with a deep sense of pride, she has a global vision on all aspects of education. Her work across the globe and her interaction with people across cultures has given a wide perspective on issues.

Ms. Rao’s training sessions have always been well received and she has with amazing consistency received an excellent feedback for all her programs from the participants.

We, at Vidyaniketan School are highly appreciative of Ms. Rao’s work and look forward to continuing our association with Ms. Rao.

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